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Nutrition Lives develops and operates lifestyle programs for everyone together with scientists, doctors and other professionals. Because if you know what you really feed, you will find the best for your body and life.

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Eat Your Vital

The Eat your group program is an initiative of eDivv. In 2016, 18 employees of the last three parties started working with their vitality for a few months.

Feeling vital also started with eating differently in this program. Vitality, however, is more than nutrition, and we also touched on many other aspects of vitality, such as exercise, sleep and relaxation.

Vital Heart

eDivv  develop the ‘Vital Heart’ program in 2016; a lifestyle program for people with cardiovascular disease who are in primary care chain and at high risk of an incident (heart attack/stroke)



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 My Food Experiment

The Eating Experiment is a 10-day experience program, with daily informative and inspiring videos, tests and an online community, in which you and colleagues experience the impact of real food on your vitality. 

The Eating Experiment wakes people up and provides insights about what good nutrition is. The program is aimed at learning through experience and researching what other foods do to you. 

Participants learn about: 

  • The basic principles of good nutrition and a good lifestyle
  • Their own motives for their eating and living habits
  • The difference between a diet and a diet
  • How deliciously different food is and what the effects can be

Invert Diabetes2

The program gives people with type 2 diabetes the opportunity to move from disease to health by learning to manage their disease. Participants learn about:

  • The physiological characteristics of type 2 diabetes
  • The effect and effect of medication
  • How to get control of the disease and overcome mental obstacles
  • How to take better care of themselves
  • The quality of food instead of counting calories
  • How a modified diet ensures that diabetes improves and / or reverses
  • How physical exertion and exercise contribute to reversing diabetes
  • The importance of feeling and nourishing your body

The program lasts six months and consists of several meetings at inspiring outdoor locations and intensive aftercare. 

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