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Unprocessed food is basically everything that nature gives us and that would also be recognizable for your great-grandmother. Nutrition to which as little as possible has been added or something has been removed. As little as possible industrially refined or pre-processed. With every processing step, dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals are lost that are essential for the body to function as well as possible. 

Unprocessed food often contains the most nutrients and has the least unnecessary additives. Moreover, unprocessed food gives the most satiety and it is also delicious. Of course, completely unprocessed food is not possible, just think of bread, grains or dairy. To make it edible, something needs to be edited or changed. We, therefore, opt for as unprocessed as possible. Preparation techniques such as baking,



Our Story

Vision on Nutrition

For us, nutrition is so much more than food. Sleep, exercise and relaxation also feed our lives. And beyond that, nutrition is about everything you take, from books, news, friends to thoughts and meaning.

Our Mission

We focus on eating patterns and eating habits and we focus much less on individual products or on specific amounts of micro or macronutrients. We start from the principle that human health is not only determined by the intake of individual (food) substances. Nutrition should also always be seen in the context of other important lifestyle factors, including physical activity, relaxation, social context and sleep

Our Vision

We believe in a new standard. A life rich in unprocessed and varied food of quality. A life where we know deep down what is good for us and what really nourishes us. Lifelong more energy, vitality and awareness. We believe that any individual with a holistic approach can achieve health benefits. That is why we allow people to experience for themselves what good nutrition and a different lifestyle do to them.

We want a livable world for our children. A world in which the supermarket supports us in making healthy choices, in which the GP can send people with complaints to the greengrocer, in which the doctor knows the role of food in the development and reversal of chronic diseases and in which people are aware of their nutrition and know what is good for them.


Elise Shepherd


The effect of nutrition and lifestyle has fascinated and fascinated me for a long time. In high school, I was the odd man out who arrived with trays of nuts and dark chocolate. When I made the choice to study as a food scientist at the university, it didn’t come as a surprise to my friends. Even though this training was then mainly focused on prevention, I was convinced that nutrition also plays a role in the treatment of diseases. I wanted to make people better with a healthy lifestyle. “You don’t learn for that” I often heard. “There are no such jobs.” Yes yes, I thought, we’ll see about that.

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