Calling all eDivv ladies, Mother Nature needs our help to protect the environment! As makeup artists and DIY makers, we believe we are in a position to advocate green living and help Mother Nature. In choosing our cosmetics, we can go for makeups made from organic and natural products. Check the labels if they are environment-friendly.

We can repurpose, recycle, or reuse old items for our next DIY project. We only need to unleash our creative juices and we can make our surroundings beautiful. We can turn trash into gold. Instead of throwing away plastic containers, bottles, and other stuff which are considered “trash” in the eyes of other people, we can think of ways to reuse and recycle them to turn them into something wonderful and useful for our homes.

For example, we can paint old bottles and put lovely embellishments all around it to turn it into a beautiful vase. In our home, we do not throw away old towels. We cut them into smaller parts and sew them around the edges so that they will not fray and after that, we already have reusable cloth wipes that we use in our bathrooms instead of tissue paper or disposable wipes.

We also reuse the plastic bags as storage bags instead of throwing them away immediately. There are many other ways by which we can help Mother Nature. We can turn our old clothes or scarves into eco bags that we can use when we go shopping to eliminate the use of plastic bags. When we buy our craft materials, make also sure that they are safe for our planet.

How about you dear readers? What do you do to help take care of Mother Nature? Care to share your home projects with us? Let us all do our part in making our homes beautiful and at the same time protecting our environment.