If you want to lose weight, you usually pay attention to what you eat. You do your best enormously for this, you follow a healthy dietary or dietary advice and yet you do not lose weight! You don’t get results on the scales and you notice that it frustrates you. That way you won’t keep it up and it’s heading for the umpteenth attempt that doesn’t work.

Tired and headache when losing weight

You don’t feel too well physically either. You are tired, have headaches, feel hungry and to make matters worse, your bowel movements get upset. However, it may well be that you do not drink enough water. Water is essential if you want to lose weight. It does not matter which program or diet you do.

Water plays a major role

Below I give you an overview of what the function of water is for your body:

  • Your body consists of approximately 70% water. You must, of course, maintain that moisture.
  • Water is the most important means of transport and ensures that all nutrients are transported to your body cells. In this way every nutrient ends up in the right place.
  • Water ensures good digestion and therefore good bowel movements.
  • It also ensures that you can keep moving well; 75% of your muscles consist of water.
  • It also helps to be able to concentrate well because your brain consists of 73% water. All the more reason to take good care of yourself and to continue to drink water.

Losing weight is impossible without water

You can count on losing some waste in the weight-loss process. Water ensures that your waste is actually washed away. And sufficient moisture ensures a faster metabolism, so a faster fat burning. As a gift, water does not provide any calories and it also fills your stomach, so you eat less. A glass of water can thus temporarily reduce your feeling of hunger. So first drink water when you get hungry and find out if you are really hungry or if it turned out to be just thirsty.

How many excuses or excuses can you come up with?

I have come across numerous “yes but” excuses. You probably recognize a few:

Yes but … then I always have to pee so much
Yes but … I don’t like water
Yes but … I don’t have that much thirst
Yes but … I don’t have time to drink water all the time
Yes but … I can’t drink so often during work boss
Yes but … on days off I have a different rhythm and then I just forget

How long do you still accept this ‘yes but’ from yourself? If you really want to lose weight, look now at what is possible. Replace yes-but with yes-and. Then “yes but … then I have to pee so much”, “yes, and … then I have to pee so much … and I lose a lot of waste and then I will be slimmer in a week than now!”

Cheap way to lose weight

In short, start losing weight by drinking more water. It really is the cheapest way to lose weight. Especially stop accepting your own excuses and yes-buts. Preferably today. And …, of course, enough exercise!